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I invite you to be a part of the movement to Bring Prodigals Home!

My name is Melissa. I'm the writer of Prodigal Daughter, an original screenplay based on a true story. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to learn more about the project! The film is a powerful expression of God's ability to intervene in our lives, to heal, to transform, to restore faith. It shows how God takes a bitter heart and fills it with love and forgiveness. It shows the power of prayer. Prodigal Daughter shows how God still speaks and moves.
My entire journey with this film has been guided by the grace of God, and I am 100% committed to making this film a reality. I am asking for donations to help to further develop the project, to create a "Proof of Concept"  video, and to finish raising funds to make this film! Your support is deeply appreciated. 
Sow in faith, believing in God to bring the prodigals home. 


About the Film

Logline: A young stripper, lost in sin and darkness, receives supernatural visions of God that restore her faith and guide her to redemption.

Prodigal Daughter is a feature length narrative film, based on a true story. The film is a Faith-Based Drama/Thriller with supernatural elements. I currently have a completed script and am seeking partnership with a studio to produce the film. 


About the Main Characters


Ideal Casting: Elle Fanning
Melissa is a young woman in her 20’s who hides her kindhearted personality in order to not appear weak in her world of lust, drugs, violence and loneliness. She is a hard worker and will do what she needs to do to remain independent. As she drowns in sin, her anger and anxiety molds her to be vindictive and she starts to be tormented by the evil one in her sleep.

Due to the prayers of her mother, Melissa no longer finds satisfaction in men, nor money and sees that there is more to life than the life of a stripper. She is divinely guided to leave her sinful life and transform herself through the grace of God, and ultimately to help others.



Ideal Casting: Isla Fisher

Yvonne is in her mid to late 40’s and the mother of Melissa, Shelley and Todd. Yvonne is traumatized from the abuse she endured by her alcoholic father named Richard. She grows up a pushover and dependent upon him.

As an adult, her stepfather chokes her, but the Lord reveals himself and saves her life. Richard sends Yvonne away, putting her in a mental institution, claiming she’s crazy. When Yvonne is released, she takes Melissa on the run, hiding from her abusive son who uses corrupt cops to follow them. Yvonne's persistent faith and prayer lead to Melissa receiving divine intervention, restoring her faith, and transforming her life.



Ideal Casting: Richard Madden

Todd is Yvonne's son and Melissa's older brother, in his mid 20's. He is a troubled man who struggles with chronic addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as anger issues. He falls in with a bad crowd which accelerates his downfall.

Todd is complicit in abusing his mother along with her stepfather Richard and with the plan to lock her up in a mental institution. While Yvonne and Melissa are ultimately saved by their faith, Todd serves as a tragic cautionary tale for what can happen to a person who makes destructive choices, and who turns away from God. Todd's journey into the darkness is a powerful juxtaposition for Melissa's journey into the Light.



Ideal Casting: Mel Gibson

Richard is Yvonne's stepfather. He is a weathered looking man in his 70's, with a red face and blood shot eyes from all of the alcohol he drinks. Richard is an alcoholic as well is an abuser who suffers with anger issues and PTSD. He hates Yvonne, his step daughter.

Richard has a Jekyll and Hyde personality and everyone feels that they have to walk on eggshells when he is around. Richard is cunning and conniving and has a narcissistic way about him.







Mood Board

A visual mosaic of the look, feel, themes and motifs of Prodigal Daughter. 



Writer's Statement by Melissa

It all started in 2014 when I was in a prophetic Bible class. Someone said there is someone in here that God has a calling on their life to be in the movie industry. I raised my hand. I believe it’s me. A few months later, I was given a prophetic word from a different person. “God says you’re going to write a book.” I left the conference with instructions from God and what he said would happen began to unfold. As the prophecy unfolded, I began to do what the Holy Spirit said: write a book on my life. On a prophetic call in 2020, a man named William said “God says He is going to turn your book into a movie.” At first, I shrugged it off. I wrote the book and had almost thrown it away after losing my son and then my mother. I guess I was still angry and confused. Yet God started opening doors and soon I was working with industry professionals. I soon had a pastor contact me and offer to let me use anything from green screens to their facilities for free. I had people offer to donate equipment and time, because this film shows God’s supernatural power and grace over someone’s life. All of these signs and more proved to me that the prophecy was unfolding and that I was being guided to create this film.

This film is to bring hope to a hopeless generation. This film shows that it doesn’t matter what you have been through. God can heal you, restore you and fill the void that nothing else can fill. I was traumatized, abused, and deceived by pride. I thought if I had everything that it would make me happy. Instead, I became vindictive, a liar, and an adulterous woman. It’s only when I gave my life to Christ that I found hope. I found healing, and I found that He gives beauty for ashes. I no longer struggle to find peace and I sleep like a baby. This movie shows how a desperate mother crying out to God for her daughter day and night to stop going down a path of destruction leads to God intervening supernaturally.


Listen to an Interview about Prodigal Daughter with Melissa on ABQ Connect




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I hope to raise $35,000 to continue to develop the project, to create a "Proof of Concept" film reel, and to finish raising funds to make this film. 
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